Payment and Delivery

We do a site inspection and measure, then the product is manufactured and delivered and also installed as requested, and we service and deliver in a 100 KM​ range of Melbourne’s CBD. In most cases we request 50% of the quote upfront  before completion, or in some cases 70% up front,and the deposit form signed, and the full 100% payment upon completion or when delivered, or installed within 7 days . For our returning customers we ask for final payment to be payed in full within 7 Days of completion. Payments can also be made by cheque, or direct bank transfer.

Products,warranty and Installation

(GATE MOTORS AND AUTOMATION) we use are from the highest quality and manufactured from italy. Warranty begins when the motor is purchased from our supplier when ordered for a job. Different motors have certain warranties which are mainly based upon one or two years depending on the Brand and supplier. For longer warranty periods gate motors must be serviced annually and organised by the purchaser to maintain a longer warranty period. Gate motors can vary due to what stock is available at the time of purchasing from our manufacturers.  Some of the brands we use are T ONE, , Beninca, M House, and SEA brands. Also we advise for gate motors that are installed in a place with high usage for example shared appartments,or carparks, using or choosing a oil lubricated sliding gate motor is highly advised or a motor made for high usage,and for swing gates using  hydraulic motors.

(AUTOMATION AND EXTRAS) which include customising your motor which can include a different brand, or a larger motor, Solar Powered accessories, and also photo cells, and keypads. If you would like to purchase any of these additional products, please forward what you would like when ordering, or in a requested quotation.

(POWDER COATING COLOURS) which are included are Standard Colours in the deluxe colour chart. For any other custom colour will be at a additional cost including galvanising. 6 months warranty for powder coating.

(STEEL GATES) come with a 2 year structural warranty direct from us. Automation gate  motors which are outsourced through our supplier will be notified if a claim is made. The outsourced company will do a site inspection to test for faults for warranty to be claimed. It is up to the outsourced companies technician decision, to replace or repair under warranty,and a call out charge is charged to any person claiming warranty for their gate motor or product. One of the main problems can be power surges or bad power which can effect gate motors and do damage. We also highly recommend power surge protectors to be installed to gate motors when installed by us. This can be purchased and installed for a additional cost. If a power surge has been detected by a technician, warranty will not be covered.

Warranty does not include damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse, lack of maintenance, neglect, natural disaster (water damage from floods and water build up), or other external causes; to damage caused by operating the equipment in a manner outside that described in the instructions. The warranty is considered void if the item has been modified, altered or tampered with by a person(s) not authorised by us to provide service (with the exception of standard periodic maintenance).

Until the nature of any fault is determined, the resolution we can offer may vary. To assist with a quick resolution, photos of the damaged part/unit will be required for verification. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any unit determined to be within the warranty period. Where necessary, the item may need to be returned to repair the fault/issue.

The buyer will be liable for all shipping costs associated with any warranty claim if need be from the supplier direct.

(FOUNDATIONS) Sliding gates need a concrete foundation for the gate to slide on its track and also to house the motor. The footings are a extra charge where a trench is dug out,reinforcement installed,and concrete poured. Foundations pricing depends on the size of the gate. Please advise us at check out if you need a concrete footing.

We will not be liable for posts or gates that have been moved, or sagged, or miss aligned, from earth and concrete movements once the gates have been installed.

( POWER) is needed at the gate entrance on the side that the gate will open to power the motor. Installation of power can be done by us if there is a power point outside of the house or close to where the gate motor is being installed, and we charge per meter to have the power cable layed in conduct from the powerpoint to motor. If there is no power point, the buyer will have to arrange to have a electrician to install a powerpoint or connection to the gate motor or this can be organised by us.

(SOIL & ROCK) that is removed by us for foundations, and post holes, will not be taken away, and left onsite for removal by the owner. There will also be a (additional charge) for rocks that are removed.

Delivery and Installation

If  gates will be installed,the buyer will be notified via email or by text prior to the day of delivery or installation. (Dynamic R/C Gates will not be responsible or liable for some damages which include little glue marks or small paint marks, or adhesives, and welding splatter left on some surfaces, which include, fences,brick piers, tiles,and concrete, brick walls, glass, flushing and timber. We also will not be responsible or liable for cracking of bricks for example, brick piers,or rendered brick piers, or cracking of concrete due to poor application or workmanship prior to commencement of the job. We also will not be liable for cracking of tiles when drilling.